Heading 2

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(Fantasy / Action)

In the warped world of Wonderland, a detective grapples with old enemies as he battles to discover what happened to the beautiful missing dreamer he once loved.


(Fantasy / Noir)

When a screenwriter goes missing from the lot of Dionysus Pictures, toon actor Chester Charles is sent to try and find him and soon discovers himself shoulder deep in the greatest conspiracy that Tinseltown has to offer.



When a new mother takes a job as a seasonal associate at a global shopping brand she comes to learn that the only thing which matters is fulfilment.



When a dropout student is sent back in time by his college professor he discovers that he has to find a way to save the world - else be doomed to repeat.

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(Sci-Fi / Fantasy - 4x1 Hour)

An anthology series taking a peek behind the false consciousness of the C21st.

Imagine Philip K. Dick, David Ike and Karl Marx having a three way whilst watching Black Mirror and taking acid.

Crazy right? That's what happens in a Spark Plug Fantasy.


(Drama - 6x1 Hour)

When medical student Jackson Smith inadvertently saves the life of a small time drug dealer he is propelled deep into Nottingham’s criminal underworld. 

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(Drama - 6x1Hour)

When a bored divorcee enters into a Multi-Level Marketing business she realises that there is no such thing as easy money.

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(Short - Horror)

When her elder "sister" disappears from the family compound, Mackenzie begins to question her faith and finds salvation online.


Shot entirely as a 'SINGLE SCREEN' film similar to Unfriended or Searching.  

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(Short - Horror)


 Waking up in a bear's den a hiker has to try and escape by any means.

Shot entirely in POV.

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(Short - Horror)

After mistakenly being locked in a sensory deprivation tank, a young woman must survive the night and the images which her mind conjures up to torment her.